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[2024] The Market and Current State of Digital Advertising in Australia.

You may be asking yourself, "I want to place an ad in Australia, but what's the reality?"

To answer this question, this article describes the market and current status of digital advertising in Australia in 2024.

This article will serve as a guideline for advertising activities in the Australian market, so please refer to it.

[2024] Internet Usage in Australia

According to DataReportal, the number of Internet users in Australia will reach 25.21 million in January 2024, with 94.9% of the population using the Internet. Japan's Internet users account for 84.9% of the total population, which indicates the high Internet penetration rate in Australia.

In addition, the number of people in Australia increased by 248,000 (1.0%) between January 2023 and January 2024. Therefore, it can be said that digital advertising can be used to reach almost the entire population.

Australia's Digital Advertising Market

According to statista, the Australian digital advertising market is expected to grow to US$13.3 billion by 2024 (¥2.925 trillion as of June 2024). Of this amount, search advertising will account for about half, at US$6 billion (¥943.9 billion).

Advertising expenditures in the digital advertising market are projected to reach US$13.3 billion by 2024.

The largest market is search advertising, with a market size of US$6 billion in 2024.

By global comparison, most ad spending occurs in the U.S. (US$298 billion in 2024).

Average ad spend per user in the in-app advertising market is projected to reach US$261.3 in 2024.

In the digital advertising market, 65% of total ad spending will be generated through mobile in 2028.

In the digital advertising market, 82% of digital advertising revenue will be generated through programmatic advertising in 2028. Reference: Digital Advertising - Australia

The State of Digital Advertising in Australia

According to DataReportal, 20.8 million people were social networking users as of January 2024, 78.3% of the total Australian population. In Japan, the percentage of SNS users is 78.1%, almost the same as in Australia.

Compared to the previous year's data for Australia, the number of users decreased by 500,000 (2.3%). The reason for the decrease may be that one individual may have multiple accounts, or conversely, one account may be shared by multiple people, so these fluctuations are likely to be the reason for the decrease.

Google is the most effective place to submit ads to search engines, while YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit are the most effective places to submit ads to social networking sites.

Of these, Google, YouTube, and Facebook have the highest number of monthly users, but since search advertising accounts for about half of the advertising budget in the digital advertising market, search advertising on Google is a high priority.

In addition, more than 92% of other users also access the Internet from mobile and smartphones.

Therefore, ad content should be optimized for mobile screens in terms of visibility, time of day it is delivered, and site loading speed.

Furthermore, according to the following, broadcast TV (terrestrial and satellite) and streaming TV (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) are viewed longer per day than social networking sites in Australia.

For toC-oriented products and services, you may also consider advertising on broadcast and streaming TV.

Cautions for Advertising in Australia

Australia is a multicultural country with consumers from diverse backgrounds.

According to a JETRO study, immigrants will account for 51.5% of the total population in 2021, more than the 48.5% of the indigenous population, and in terms of the percentage increase in immigrants by country of origin, Nepal will account for 210%, India 48%, Pakistan 45%, Iraq 38%, and the Philippines 26%.

Therefore, without researching the latest information and developing a strategy for ad placement with local native marketers, it may not be possible to properly approach the market.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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