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Digital Advertising Situation and Advertising Regulations in Indonesia in 2024

You may be asking yourself, "I want to place an ad in Indonesia, but what is the current situation?"

To answer this question, this article explains the situation of digital advertising and advertising regulations in Indonesia in 2024.

Please refer to this article as it will serve as an important guideline for advertising activities in the Indonesian market.

Internet Usage in Indonesia in 2024

APJII announced that the number of Internet users in 2024 will reach 221,563,479 out of Indonesia's total population of 278,696,200, and the Internet penetration rate will be 79.5%. This is an increase of 1.4% compared to the previous year.

Looking back at past trends, the Internet penetration rate in 2018 was 64.8%, 73.7% in 2020, 77.01% in 2022, and 78.19% in 2023, indicating a steady growth.

Digital Advertising Situation in Indonesia in 2024

According to DATAPORTAL, the website with the highest usage rate within Indonesia is Google, followed by YouTube, then Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Therefore, it is important to place digital advertisements on these websites while considering products, services, and user demographics.

Other data showed that mobile and smartphones are used more than 97% of the time to access the Internet.

Therefore, when implementing advertisements, ad content must be designed to adapt to mobile screens, and the interface must be suitable for touch operation.

Furthermore, the following data suggests that more time is spent per day on SNS than on TV, so SNS ads such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are effective.

For more detailed information on the number of users of social networking services, please refer to the following article.

Current state of advertising regulations

With the enforcement of the Personal Data Protection Law (PDP Law) in October 2024, it is expected that cookie regulations will have an impact on targeted advertising in Indonesia, as in Japan.

Therefore, consent for the use of personal data, including cookies, will be required from users. This will require a review of how consent is obtained and a more user-friendly and understandable consent interface.

It is also important to consider new targeting methods using data analysis technology and AI to prepare for the declining effectiveness of cookie-dependent targeted advertising.

Cautions for Advertising Placement in Indonesia

When placing advertisements, it is important to consider whether the advertisement content respects local culture and religious sentiments, as Indonesia is a country with diverse cultures and religions. It is especially important to avoid religious taboos, as Muslims are the majority of the population.

Furthermore, although the Indonesian language is widely spoken, there is also linguistic diversity in some regions, which should also be taken into consideration.

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