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[2024 Edition] Trends in Digital Marketing in Indonesia.

What are the latest trends in digital marketing in Indonesia?"

And, "What does it take to be successful in Indonesia?"

For those with such questions, this article will take an in-depth look at the current state of digital marketing in Indonesia and its specific data.

Specifically, we will introduce the number of SNS users and search engine usage in Indonesia, as well as the usage ratio by device and the growth rate of the e-commerce market, and other key points for successful digital marketing.

Indonesia Market

According to February 2024 data from DATAPORTAL, the Internet penetration rate in Indonesia has reached 66.5%, with 185.3 million Internet users. In addition, 139 million people use social networking services, which is equivalent to almost half of the total population.

Of particular note is the number of cell phone connections, which reached 353.3 million, or 126.8% of the population. This indicates the phenomenon of one person using multiple devices, suggesting that multi-device use has become routine.

The digitization of this market extends to urban as well as rural areas, with 58.9% of Indonesia's urban population and 41.1% of its rural population. This demographic structure should be taken into account when developing a digital marketing strategy.

In terms of age groups, young people make up a large percentage of the market, with young adults and adults aged 18-44 being particularly important market targets. These demographic data are an important element of any digital marketing strategy, allowing campaigns to be designed for specific age groups and geographies.

The Current State of Digital Marketing in Indonesia

The following information on the current state of digital marketing in Indonesia is explained below.

  • Number of SNS users

  • Search engine usage

  • Percentage of each device

  • Growth rate of EC market

Number of SNS users

The number of SNS users below is based on data from DATAPORTAL as of February 2024.

  • Number of Facebook users

  • Number of Youtube users

  • Number of Instagram users

  • Number of TikTok users

  • Number of Facebook Messenger users

  • Number of LinkedIn users

  • Number of SnapChat users

  • Number of X (formerly Twitter) users

Number of Facebook users

The number of Facebook users in Indonesia is 117.6 million. This value represents 42.2% of the country's total population, and Facebook's advertising reach reaches 63.5% of Internet users.

Facebook's ad reach in Indonesia represents 53.6% of users aged 13 and older, and in terms of gender, 41.9% of ad viewers are female and 58.1% are male.

It is particularly effective when used to promote products & services aimed at male and younger audiences.

Number of Youtube users

The number of YouTube users in Indonesia has reached 139 million; according to Google's advertising resources, this figure corresponds to 49.9% of the total Indonesian population, and 75.0% of all Internet users are reported to be using YouTube.

In terms of gender distribution, 46.9% of YouTube ad viewers are female and the remaining 53.1% are male.

Since YouTube produces content with a face plus voice, it has the characteristics to promote attitudinal change, making it effective for B-to-B as well as B-to-C.

Number of Instagram users

The number of Instagram users in Indonesia has reached 109 million, which represents an advertising reach equivalent to 36.2% of the country's total population. Notably, among users aged 13 and older, 46.0% use Instagram.

Furthermore, 54.5% of all Internet users in Indonesia are targeted by Instagram ad reach, with a gender ratio of 54.5% female and 45.5% male.

Given the large number of female users, TikTok is a good fit for industries such as fashion and beauty, where creative visuals and storytelling can be used to great effect.

Number of TikTok users

The number of TikTok users in Indonesia over the age of 18 has reached 126.8 million, which is equivalent to 64.8% of the adult population. In addition, TikTok's advertising reach represents 68.5% of all Internet users, and the gender ratio is 53.5% for males and 46.5% for females.

TikTok is a particularly attractive platform for marketing activities with products and services targeting younger audiences. In addition, the nearly equal gender ratio makes it effective for advertising strategies that target a broad audience without being gender specific.

However, TikTok content must be short and visually appealing, requiring creative and highly engaging campaigns.

Number of Facebook Messenger users

There are approximately 27.75 million Facebook Messenger users in Indonesia, representing 10.0% of the total population; users aged 13 and older represent 12.7%, or 15.0% of the Internet user base.

The gender distribution of the advertising reach is 55.1% male and 44.9% female.

It is particularly useful for direct marketing and can be used for real-time customer service and promotional announcements.

Number of LinkedIn Users

LinkedIn has 26 million members in Indonesia, or 9.3% of the country's total population, and since LinkedIn is intended for professional interaction, its advertising reach is based on the total number of registered members.

Therefore, the total number of registered members, not the number of monthly active users, is the measure of ad reach.

With a 13% increase in LinkedIn's ad reach between 2023 and 2024, the platform is particularly well-suited for B2B and professional ad campaigns.

For more information on the advantages, disadvantages, and use cases of LinkedIn for businesses, please see the following article

What is LinkedIn? Explaining the benefits and usage for individuals & companies.

Number of SnapChat users

The number of Snapchat users in Indonesia is reported to be 2.05 million. This represents 0.7% of the country's total population and represents an advertising reach of 1.1% of Internet users. However, the majority of Snapchat's user base is female, with 69.9% of the ad audience being female and 25.9% male.

However, the number of Snapchat users is relatively small and declines every year. In particular, there was a 42.4% decline in ad reach between the beginning of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, and a 9.7% decline in the following months.

While this may be effective when targeting young people and women, strategies must take into account the declining trend in ad reach.

Number of X (formerly Twitter) users

X has 24.69 million users in Indonesia, with an advertising reach equivalent to 8.9% of the total population. X also has 11.3% of the population over the age of 13 using the X platform.

According to ad reach data, 46.3% of X's ad audience in Indonesia is female and 53.7% is male. In addition, while X's ad reach increased by 693,000 during the year, there were significant fluctuations in ad reach figures, with a decrease of 24 million in recent months.

Therefore, a strategy that emphasizes real-time analysis and trends over historical data is necessary when forecasting campaign results.

Search Engine Usage

According to statcounter's February 2024 survey, Google holds a commanding lead in search engine usage at 94.47 %.

Therefore, developing an SEM (SEO and listing ads) strategy will give you an edge in developing your business in the Indonesian market.

Percentage by Device

According to statcounter's April 2024 survey, mobile and desktop devices account for 66.79% and 32.78% respectively. Compared to the previous year, there was no significant difference.

When reaching out to BtoC customers, it would be effective to implement measures with a particular focus on mobile.

EC Market Growth Rate

According to Statista, Indonesia ranks 9th in terms of country-specific CAGR of retail EC sales from 2024 to 2028, at 9.46%.



Average CAGR of retail EC sales by country (%)























Global (unknown)








In addition, according to the World Population White Paper 2023, Indonesia is ranked 4th in the world population ranking in 2023, and 5th in the world in terms of population under 15 years old in 2022.

This suggests that we can expect further growth in the EC market in the future.

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