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2024 Latest Version] Explanation of SNS Marketing Strategy for Overseas in 3 Steps

SNS marketing is now becoming an indispensable part of every genre of business.

One of the most notable examples is "SNS marketing for overseas markets.

By securing channels to connect with overseas markets through SNS, businesses have the potential to generate enormous profits that were previously unobtainable in the past for Japanese businesses.

Therefore, this article will provide an easy-to-understand explanation of "SNS marketing for overseas" for those who are considering expanding overseas and their companies.

What is SNS marketing for overseas?

First, we will begin with an overview of SNS marketing for overseas markets.

There are a myriad of reasons why SNS marketing for overseas markets is currently attracting attention, but the following points are representative.

  • The number of SNS users is exploding

  • Usage rates are higher than other media

  • Low cost of operation compared to TV and newspapers

  • High targeting accuracy and superior cost performance

In a nutshell, "low-cost, high-precision marketing using media that boasts an overwhelming number of users" is the reason why SNS marketing to overseas markets is attracting so much attention.

In fact, by 2023, there will be approximately 5 billion SNS users worldwide, which is approximately 60% of the world's population.

And since the number of users is expected to increase further in the future with the development of the Internet infrastructure, there is no reason not to operate an SNS for overseas markets if you are considering expanding your business overseas.

Three advantages of SNS marketing to overseas markets

The following is an explanation of the advantages of SNS marketing to overseas markets.

  • Expand your business to overseas markets.

  • You can market to your target users precisely.

  • Flexibility to adapt to changing purchasing behavior and methods.

Let's check these three points in turn.

Expand your business area to overseas

Of all the advantages of SNS marketing to overseas markets, the most significant is the ability to "expand your market reach overseas.

Needless to say, the Japanese economy and population are continuing to shrink, and this trend will continue.

However, Japan is still one of the top five largest economies in the world, so at this point, "business by Japanese for Japanese" is still viable.

However, it is also true that it is risky to develop business in the Japanese market, which is sure to shrink in the future.

On the other hand, in contrast to Japan, the world's population continues to increase at a steady rate of approximately 0.8% to 1% annually.

Source:United Nations

Therefore, it is reasonable to target users in growing markets by turning our eyes from Japan to the world through SNS.

Accurate marketing to target users

One of the points where SNS differs from other media is its "high marketing precision.

Conventional marketing methods, such as marketing through television, newspapers, and other media, can only market in broad terms, such as "viewers" and "subscribers.

However, SNSs, by utilizing the "user information" shown below, allow for extremely precise marketing that cannot be imitated by traditional media.

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Place of residence

  • Behavioral data

  • Interests

Moreover, if you use SNS for advertising operations, the SNS system enables "automatic" targeting, so you can perform the above precise marketing operations with minimal operating costs.

In addition, by connecting with users through SNS, it is possible to establish medium- to long-term relationships.

  • Operators can communicate information in real time

  • Users can respond immediately by "liking" and "sharing

  • Interactivity is possible over the medium to long term through continued follow-up

By making maximum use of the above points, it is possible to significantly increase LTV (customer lifetime value), which has become extremely important in recent years in marketing.

Flexibility to adapt to changing purchasing behavior and methods

With the advent of SNS, purchasing methods that could not be realized in the past are being adopted, and user purchasing behavior is dynamically changing accordingly.

The purchasing method through SNS is called "social commerce," and social commerce continues to evolve at an ongoing pace in order to maximize profits.

Below is a summary of social commerce implemented by each SNS.


Social Commerce


  • Facebook Shops

Sell products directly on your own page


  • Instagram Shopping

Tag products in your posts

  • Shoppable Posts and Stories

Embed product links in posts


  • TikTok Shop

Showcase products in real-time

The above are just a few examples, but the attraction is that they allow for "precise and direct marketing" that traditional media cannot do.

For example, TikTok's social commerce service called "TikTok Shop" allows users to introduce products in real-time through video content.

It should be easy to imagine that selling products that are compatible with followers through influencers with large followings would allow for extremely precise marketing.

The fact that this new-age purchasing method of social commerce can be realized "just by using SNS" is a clear advantage of SNS marketing.

Explanation of SNS Marketing Strategy for Overseas in 3 Steps

From here, we will explain the SNS marketing strategy for overseas in the following 3 steps.

  1. Select an appropriate SNS for the target country

  2. Consider SNS operation methods and measures

  3. Continue the operation

By following these three steps, you can smoothly implement SNS marketing for overseas markets.

1: Select the appropriate SNS for the target country

First, select the appropriate SNS for the country or region you wish to target.

For example, the top 3 SNS in Japan are as follows

  1. LINE

  2. X (formerly Twitter)

  3. Instagram

However, LINE is a minor SNS from a global perspective, and X (formerly Twitter) is not that widely used.

Below is a summary of the major SNSs in each country around the world for your reference in making your selection.


Major SNS


  • WeChat

  • Douyin

  • Weibo

United States of America

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Instagram


  • WhatsApp

  • YouTube

  • Facebook

United Kingdom

  • WhatsApp

  • Instagram

  • Facebook


  • WhatsApp

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

As you can see, the following SNSs, which are basically "from the U.S.," have very strong usage rates.

  • WhatsApp (the world version of LINE)

  • YouTube

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

Therefore, when opening SNS accounts for overseas, it is effective to choose "WhatsApp" for messaging SNS like LINE, "YouTube or TikTok" for video SNS, and "Instagram" for posting SNS.

On the other hand, since China uses SNSs originating from China, choose "WeChat" for messaging SNSs, "Douyin" (Chinese version of TIkTok) for video SNSs, and "Weibo" for posting SNSs, respectively.

2: Consider SNS operation methods and measures

After deciding on the SNS to use, it is necessary to consider the operation methods and measures.

The following are four typical methods of operation.

Operational Methods


Organic posting

  • The person in charge posts the information.

  • Low-cost, but highly difficult

Advertisement operation

  • Precise targeting is possible

  • Cost-effective

Influencer Marketing

  • Collaboration with local influencers

  • Cost-effective, but beware of flames, etc.

Customer Service

  • Provide customer service through SNS

  • Contributes to improved usability

The most common operation method is "organic posting," but since modern SNS marketing is a complete red ocean, it is very difficult to gain followers just by posting.

Therefore, if organic posting is to be done, a reasonable cost is required, such as hiring local personnel specialized in SNS marketing.

On the other hand, with advertising operations, it is possible to operate using only existing human resources while utilizing the precise targeting system provided by SNS.

The method of operation depends on the company's policies and the products it handles, so it is important to carefully consider the best way to operate the system.

3: Continue to operate the system

Once the SNS to be used and the operation method have been decided, the operation will be continued.

The following points should be kept in mind while persistently implementing the operation.

  • Do not seek short-term results.

  • Do not violate local religious or legal taboos.

  • Value the real voices of local users.

  • If results are not achieved, review the operation method accordingly.

SNS marketing is an ever-evolving world, and global conditions are constantly changing in real time.

It is important to have a system in place that can respond flexibly to changes in popular SNSs, operational methods, local taboos, and everything else.


By incorporating SNS marketing for overseas markets, it is possible to create business opportunities outside of Japan.

Maximize your company's profits by using advanced marketing techniques that conventional media could not.

Please use the information presented in the article to consider SNS marketing with an eye to overseas markets.

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