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[2024] Number of Instagram users & current status of influencer advertising in Vietnam.

How many Instagram users are there in Vietnam?"

This article explains the number of Instagram users and the current state of influencer advertising in Vietnam for those who have such questions.

Please read this article as it will be helpful for those who are considering branding and promotion in the Vietnamese market.

Number of Instagram users in Vietnam

A DataReportal study reported 10.9 million Instagram users in Vietnam in January 2024, representing 13.6% of users aged 13 and older.

Of particular note is the gender ratio of ad viewers, with women accounting for 60.1% and men 39.9%.

According to NapoleonCat, Instagram users in Japan represent 45.5% of the total population, while in Vietnam they represent 10.8% of the total population.

In addition, while Instagram is used by a wide range of age groups in Japan, including relatively elderly people, use of Instagram in Vietnam was more pronounced among women aged 18-24.

Regarding the purpose of Instagram use, in Vietnam it is mainly for entertainment, information gathering, and communication with friends, but its use for commercial purposes is also increasing. Fashion, food, and lifestyle-related content is viewed more frequently, especially among younger generations.


Instagram users in Viet Nam - January 2023 | NapoleonCat

Instagram users in Japan - April 2023 | NapoleonCat

Influencer Advertising on Instagram in Vietnam

We were unable to find information on influencer advertising only on Instagram in Vietnam. However, influencer advertising itself is a growing trend in Vietnam.

According to statista, ad spending in Vietnam's influencer advertising market is expected to reach US$87.02 million (¥13.6 billion) in 2024, growing 11.07% annually to reach US$147.1 million (¥23.1 billion) by 2029.

Against this backdrop, Vietnamese companies are utilizing domestic influencers to reach out.

Therefore, depending on the product or service, Instagram advertising in Vietnam could be effective.

5 Instagram accounts of Vietnamese influencers

The following are Instagram accounts of Vietnamese influencers

  • Thach Tranh

  • Tinh Pham

  • Khanh Linh

  • Chi Phu

  • Tran Thai Linh

Thach Tranh

Thach Tran is a beauty and fashion influencer from Vietnam with over 675,000 followers.

Tinh Pham.

Tinh Pham is a lifestyle influencer from Vietnam with over 558,000 followers. She posts about her own experiences, especially for mothers, and about traveling around the world with her family.

Khanh Linh

Khanh Linh is an influencer in the Vietnamese luxury fashion world, attracting over 1,044,000 followers through her signature style, and her Instagram feed features items from luxury brands and the unique styles she creates.

Chi Phu

Chi Phu is one of the top influencers in Vietnam with 594.8 thousand followers on Instagram. Her feed includes posts about her life and the latest fashion trends.

Tran Thai Linh

Tran Thai Linh is a footness and lifestyle influencer with 64,000 followers. Once featured as one of the country's most influential figures, he has worked with a wide variety of brands ranging from cat food to shorts to smartphones. The feed also frequently features everyday casual fashion.

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