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As the saying goes, "What is common sense in Japan is uncommon sense in the world." That being said, overseas digital marketing strategies and methods are completely polarised from those in Japan.


Due to the differences in culture, business practices, information-gathering techniques, communication methods, and payment systems, all these factors make it extremely challenging to gather all the necessary information from scratch.

The Digital X is here to support your international ventures with expert digital marketers who excel in global markets. Let us help you navigate the complexities of expanding your business overseas.

JR East Japan Marketing & Communications Inc. (jeki)

Building Bridges of Business Etiquette: 

The Digital X’s Role in Expanding Japanese Enterprise’s Business Globally

Support Provided:

  • Overseas project management

  • Overseas B2B marketing


Guinness World Records Japan K.K.

Boost Quali/Quantity of Your Leads with

The Digital X: Unveiling Top Online Advertising Strategies Designated for Southeast Asia

Support Provided:

  • Overseas B2B Marketing

  • Overseas Advertising Management


Yamamoto Foods Co., Ltd

Catch Yamamoto Foods’ Pokémon Nebutazuke in Your Lunchbox: 

Expansion of Sales and Target Audience through Anime/Character Collaboration

Support Provided:​​

  • Product planning and development

  • Comprehensive marketing support

  • Growth marketing


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