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・I don't know because the specifications for SNS, advertisements, etc. are different from those in Japan

Cross-Border E-Commerce (EC) Support

Bring your products of local pride to the global stage! With our cross-border e-commerce services, The Digital X guarantees support that only we – with our expertise – can provide.

・I don't know because specifications such as SNS and advertisements are different from Japan.

Global BtoC Marketing Support

Our comprehensive plan covers everything from increasing brand awareness to stimulating demand, handling inquiries, and facilitating product purchases for users worldwide.

The Digital X is here to support your company's international B2C marketing endeavors with a team of digital marketers excelling in overseas markets.

・No connection with local agents

Global BtoB marketing support

As the saying goes, "What is common sense in Japan is uncommon sense in the world." That being said, overseas digital marketing strategies and methods are completely polarised from those in Japan.

Due to the differences in culture, business practices, information-gathering techniques, communication methods, and payment systems, all these factors make it extremely challenging to gather all the necessary information from scratch.

The Digital X is here to support your international ventures with expert digital marketers who excel in global markets. Let us help you navigate the complexities of expanding your business overseas.

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