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Global BtoC Marketing Support

Our comprehensive plan covers everything from increasing brand awareness to stimulating demand, handling inquiries, and facilitating product purchases for users worldwide.


The Digital X is here to support your company's international B2C marketing endeavors with a team of digital marketers excelling in overseas markets.

Do you face any of the following common challenges
in the global market?

  • Difficulty in understanding consumer insights in the target country

  • Uncertainty about the customer journey of overseas consumers

  • Lack of understanding about the differences in specifications for social media, advertising, and more; compared to Japan

  • Inexperience with the business flow in foreign markets

  • Challenges in effectively communicating with local advertising agencies

The Digital X is a team of specialists in B2C marketing in overseas markets. With our firsthand experience in expanding and selling our own brand abroad, as well as our extensive track record of supporting B2C projects as project managers in foreign markets, we provide fact-based proposals backed by hands-on experience and real achievements.


Instead of theoretical discussions, we offer insights based on our intimate knowledge of the realities of operating in overseas markets. We invite you to consult with us and benefit from our expertise.

What we do in global BtoC marketing support:

Whether your company plans to expand overseas or has a presence abroad,

leave it to The Digital X. 


We handle everything from strategy development to execution, ensuring your success in the global B2C market.

Our Strengths in
Global BtoC Marketing

Specialized Service in the
Asia-Pacific (APAC) Region:

We don't claim to cover every country on Earth! Instead, we focus on providing services exclusively in countries where we have lived or where our team members are originally from, ensuring that we offer expertise and proven success in those regions. 

Be it linguistically or culturally – The Digital X understands that simply translating content into English isn't enough to deliver real value.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 17.06.48.png
Kazuya profile photo_edited.jpg

奈良岡 和也

Kazuya Naraoka


image (17)_edited_edited.jpg

門田 光正

Mits Kadota

Global SEO Specialist



Azri Jamil

CTO Partner

image (18)_edited.jpg

ジア ユウ

Jia Yu

Digital Marketer

Diverse Team Members from Various Nationalities

At The Digital X, we bring together specialists from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. Even within the realm of digital marketing, methodologies and values vary from one country to another. Even within our company, we constantly engage in discussions from different perspectives to find the optimal solution for our clients. Rather than adhering to rigid, one-size-fits-all approaches, we provide our clients with flexible and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

[Countries We Provide Services]

Japan / Thailand / Malaysia / Australia / South Korea / Vietnam / United States / Indonesia / Singapore / India

The Digital X's Flow of
Global B2B Digital Marketing Support:


Issue Identification and Needs Assessment

We conduct a thorough session to understand your company's challenges, services, and objectives. Together, we establish goals, timelines, and budgetary considerations.


As your business partner, we align our perspective to ensure mutual understanding and collaboration.


Proposal and Confirmation of Strategies

We propose solutions to address your challenges, ensuring that the strategies presented are tailored to deliver results specifically in the target countries.


By focusing only on initiatives proven to yield results in those markets, we enhance the likelihood of business success.


Implementation of Strategies and Reporting

Not only our team of experts are well-versed in overseas digital marketing, but executes the promotions.


We provide detailed reporting that encompasses the rationale behind each strategy and includes insights into the finer details of the campaign.


Subsequent Improvements and Proposal of Measures

There is no measure that will be 100% successful from the beginning. There will always be improvements for the next time, so we will continue to operate the campaign to make it even better.


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