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Cross beyond borders,
Connect across nations,
Challenge with DIGITAL

The Digital X (ザ・デジタルエックス) is a consulting company
that specializes in digital marketing and growth marketing
tailored for outbound and inbound strategies in the global arena.

We are committed to leveraging the power of digital technology
to challenge global frontiers and foster the growth of our clients' businesses.

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Years of experience in

digital marketing

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No. of countries and cities we can support

Countries : Japan / Thailand / Malaysia / Australia / South Korea
/ Vietnam / United States / Indonesia / Singapore

The Digital X (TDX) specializes in digital marketing and growth marketing tailored for both outbound and inbound strategies in the global arena.

Harnessing the power of digital technology, we help our clients tackle global challenges and are committed to driving their business growth. Let us be your partner in achieving international success and expanding your business horizons.


List of Services Provided

Global BtoB

Digital Marketing

BtoB marketing

How to Generate Leads for Sales in Countries Completely Different from Japan? – B2B marketing is undeniably the toughest and most challenging aspect. 

Fret not, we strategize and construct the entire digital marketing strategy and process, assisting in the early stages of business establishment post-expansion.


CRM tools

Are you designing effective communication with your customers? Nurturing existing users is more cost-efficient in the long run than acquiring new ones.

Let us help you build long-lasting relationships and maximize your ROI with cutting-edge communication strategies.

Global BtoC

Digital Marketing

DX Digital Transformation

What's the most time-consuming medium for us? It's undoubtedly mobile tablets and the internet, which are prevalent worldwide. In other words, digital marketing encompasses marketing activities conducted online. From advertising to the overall strategy and process of digital marketing – we focus on building and driving forward strategies across the digital landscape.

Overseas Expansion


Overseas expansion marketing

Utilizing the power of digital technology has made overseas expansion more accessible than ever. We, along with partners in six countries, provide comprehensive support for your overseas ventures. 

From language adaptation to legal compliance and localization, we ensure that everything you need for success is supported with a robust infrastructure.

Support for Cross-Border E-Commerce

Growth marketing

Leveraging our track record and expertise in major e-commerce marketplaces worldwide, we provide comprehensive support from setting up an e-commerce platform to sales promotion, inventory management, product shipping, and customer follow-up – all in all, the expansion to overseas marketplaces and sales promotion.

Whether it's Shopify, Naver, Lazada, or other platforms, feel free to reach our to us for consultation.

Leading and Driving Global Project Management

marketing tools, marketing automation

Launching cross-border projects come with numerous challenges, such as differences in business practices, culture, and more.


Over the years, The Digital X has embraced this difference and led many projects to success, ensuring that they overcome these hurdles and thrive domestically and internationally.




Case Study 1:

​Supporting global BtoB marketing as a marketing manager

Target company: Digital marketing tool provider

Challenge: Utilizing online to acquire new customer leads and improve the accompanying sales process

Results: 20% increase in lead acquisition, 10% increase in closing rate

Example measures:

  • Target analysis of own customers

  • Identifying and analyzing customer pain points

  • Build a way to reach your customers: touchpoint and campaign planning

  • Building a content marketing strategy

  • ​ Review and re-propose campaigns based on advertising and data, and implement improvement measures

Kazuya profile photo_edited.jpg

Kazuya Naraoka


  • The Digital X Linkdein

Born and raised in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture (and still proud to call it home): with over 15 years in the digital marketing industry, I've held key roles at Supership Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of KDDI, serving as Head of Advertising for mobile apps.

In addition, I've also had the privilege of leading as the local CEO for FreakOut Malaysia and as the Country Manager for Repro Thailand. Over the years, I've been involved in numerous global-scale digital marketing projects spanning various countries and regions.

At the age of 32, I embarked on a journey to learn English from scratch and spent three transformative years studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. In 2020, I returned to my roots in Aomori to embark on my entrepreneurial path.


Azri Jamil

CTO Partner

  • The-Digital-X-Linkedin-Azri

Residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I've served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for numerous tech startups, guiding each to success.


Managing several companies myself, I excel at swiftly adapting to and implementing global tech trends such as IoT, web services, and AI.


Not only I'm a huge fan of ninjas, but is also actively involved in running a cat shelter.

image (17)_edited_edited.jpg

Mits Kadota

Global SEO Specialist

Since 2018, I've delved into the world of SEO, overseeing the launch and management of over 30 websites across various industries including finance, human resources, manufacturing, and legal services. With a diverse portfolio spanning media and e-commerce sites among others, I can confidentially assure that I have extensive experience in this field.


I've also studied abroad in Ireland and provided support to companies in the United States, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. My expertise extends to analyzing multilingual websites and achieving success in both Japanese and English SEO.

image (18)_edited.jpg

Jia Yu

Global SEO Specialist


Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I started blogging on Blogger and WordPress at the age of 14. Since then, I expanded my creative-plus-business writing skills and content creation journey in digital/social media/influencer marketing by working on diverse projects for domestic and international brands at local digital marketing agencies.

Fueled by a profound passion for academia, I pursued postgraduate studies at Waseda University, where I delved into the fascinating world of Japanese animation and otaku culture. My MA research explored these subjects through a psychoanalytic lens, unravelling the intricate layers of fan engagement and cultural consumption.

Upon graduating in March 2024, I joined The Digital X, where I now serve as a Global Digital Marketer responsible for managing social media operations on a global scale.

Cross beyond borders,

Connect across nations,
Challenge with DIGITAL


Thank you for your interest in The Digital X.
Feel free to contact us anytime and our representative

will respond to your inquiry within 3 business days.


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