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Boost Quali/Quantity of Your Leads with The Digital X: Unveiling Top Online Advertising Strategies Designated for Southeast Asia


Expanding your business overseas can be challenging – especially when it comes to understanding the local market and culture. Applying the same marketing strategies as in Japan to a specific country might not yield the desired results due to cultural differences.


Eri Yudaira from Guinness World Records Japan faced uncertainty when it came to the stated organisation’s international expansion. To navigate these challenges, she turned to The Digital X for an in-depth consultation. We spoke with her about the support she received and the outcomes achieved.


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“The decision to expand into Southeast Asia
has been made,

but there was a lot about it we didn’t know”


– First of all, could you tell us about the business that Guinness World Records Japan is engaged in?


Yudaira: As many of you may already know from television, Guinness World Records is an organisation founded in 1955 in the United Kingdom that collects and certifies world records. It all started when the CEO of Guinness Beer at the time went hunting and wondered, "What is the fastest flying bird in the world?" Since no one could answer his question, he decided to gather information on world records.


The UK has a rich pub culture where people love to engage in debates. To capitalize on this, books filled with world records were placed in pubs to spark debates and encourage longer stays, ultimately leading to more beer consumption among patrons. This clever marketing strategy helped promote both the records and the beer.


– I see. It originated in the UK. Nowadays, we see Guinness World Records on TV, social media, and all around the world.


Yudaira: The Japan office was established in 2010, following the UK and New York offices. We certify various world records in accordance with our motto of “making the world an interesting, fun, and positive place.”


In fact, being endorsed as the best in the world has a profound effect on companies expanding overseas. For instance, there is the case of Panasonic Corporation’s dry cell battery, which lasts the longest in the world, or the ice cream shop that became a hot topic by selling the world’s most expensive ice cream at 880,000 yen per scoop, despite not being well known initially. Being ‘Guinness-certified’ often attracts high media coverage and public attention, making it highly desirable globally.


Our official adjudicators undergo rigorous training, so it is not easy to become certified as the best in the world. However, throughout the process of striving for a world record can also boost internal engagement within a company simultaneously.


– This time, Guinness World Records Japan is using the consulting services of The Digital X to acquire leads in Southeast Asia. Could you tell us about the background leading up to this decision?


Yudaira: Until now, the Japan office has only handled record applications from within Japan. Yet, due to an increasing number of inquiries from other countries wanting to challenge themselves to be the best in the world, Guinness World Records Japan has decided to handle Southeast Asia as well.


However, the team had never been to Southeast Asia and were therefore unsure about its culture, appropriate communication tools, and what is needed to know and learn. That’s why we turned to The Digital X, whose team has extensive experience living in and understanding the business landscape of the region – for lead acquisition support.


– What was the deciding factor in choosing to utilise The Digital X’s consulting services?


Yudaira: Actually, I got to know Mr. Naraoka, the representative of The Digital X, at my previous job and found him to be someone I could trust. There are many companies that support overseas expansion if you search online, but just because they appear at the top of the search results doesn’t necessarily mean they are reliable. That’s why I decided to seek help from Mr. Naraoka.


"One can fully rely on
The Digital
for Southeast Asia-centric advertising operations"

– What effects have the organisation experienced since receiving consulting services from The Digital X?


Yudaira: The number of leads has more than doubled. Previously, we only had inbound leads, and customers had to search for us and contact us through the inquiry page. Since starting to run ads on Facebook and Instagram with Mr. Naraoka's support, the number of leads the company is acquiring has significantly increased.


– What specific support are you receiving in terms of advertising operations?


Yudaira: We received support in various aspects of operations, including creative development, report creation, and suggestions for improvements. The Digital X provides detailed reports at least once a week, allowing us to track budget usage and CPA (cost per acquisition). There are also personnel on the Guinness side responsible for page production, and both parties communicate directly when necessary.


The challenge these days is to improve the quality of leads. Unlike Japan, there are many individuals in Southeast Asia who are not accustomed to advertising, so we are working on strategies to narrow our targets to avoid attracting accidental clicks. Additionally, In addition, we aim to acquire high-quality leads by using creative images of records that have been attempted in the country.


– Have there been any proposals from The Digital X aside from advertising?


Yudaira: In Southeast Asia, the communication tools used are different from those in Japan, so The Digital X advised us on the most suitable tools. While people in Japan typically respond reliably to emails, those in Southeast Asia often prefer to use social media.

Besides running Facebook and Instagram ads, The Digital X also suggested using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for sales, which has been very helpful to us.


"With its intimate knowledge of the overseas market,
The Digital
X is an indispensable partner for international expansion"


– How has acquiring leads in Southeast Asia impacted Guinness World Records?


Yudaira: The acquisition of leads in Southeast Asia has significantly impacted Guinness World Records as a whole. The fact that leads are quickly turning into concrete projects is a major achievement. Initially, the team was thrilled when securing just one lead quickly led to a project. Now, the number has grown to two, three, and so on, creating a highly performance-driven atmosphere.


Even if the leads do not immediately convert into sales, we consistently educate them with up-to-date information about our organization through email campaigns sent every three months. As a result, the response to these emails has also increased. We believe that maintaining good communication with the acquired leads has led to better engagement.


– What goals do The Digital X have for the future?


Yudaira: Our goal is to make the world a (more) fun and positive place. With this mindset, we aim to expand this mission beyond Japan to Southeast Asia as well. Be it online or offline, Guinness World records strives to take on exciting challenges together. 


– Please tell us what are your expectations from The Digital X?

Yudaira: Our partnership doesn’t just end here. We hope to continue working with The Digital X in holding both online and offline PR events together as we have in the past. It would be great to receive a wide range of suggestion-solutions from them, such as the types of events, the demographics we should approach, and more, to ensure the most effective digital marketing strategies for us.


– Last but not least, could you share a message to those interested in The Digital X?


Yudaira: Taking the first step towards overseas expansion requires a lot of courage. Successfully making your own brand known in a foreign country hinges on working with people who have a deep understanding of the local landscape, culture, and means of communication. The Digital X has deep knowledge of markets outside of Japan, so consulting with and getting suggestions from them will help successfully expand your marketing campaigns.​​


Even when discussing overseas markets or global expansion, the situation can vary significantly from one country or region to another. There’s a common misconception that all Southeast Asian countries can be treated similarly, but this approach often leads to challenges in achieving success. In the case of Guinness World Records Japan, they understand the differences and unique circumstances in each country and work collaboratively on strategies and implementation tailored to each nation, which has resulted in positive outcomes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the article.

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