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Active User Ranking of SNS|We also explain the characteristics of each SNS in Japan and overseas.

Social media has become an indispensable part of our modern lives, both in daily living and in the business realm, including marketing. It is crucial to stay informed about which social media platforms are trending.

In today's globalized world, it is important to look beyond domestic borders and keep the "global standard" in mind.

In this article, we will introduce the social media platforms used in Japan and around the world in a ranking format.

We've also summarized the characteristics of popular global social media platforms that may not be as familiar, so feel free to use this as a reference.

**Ranking of Social Media Active Users in Japan**

First, here is a summary of the ranking of active social media users in Japan:

| SNS | Active Users |


| 1: LINE | Approx. 93 million |

| 2: YouTube | Approx. 71.2 million |

| 3: X | Approx. 66.5 million |

| 4: Instagram| Approx. 49.5 million |

| 5: Facebook | Approx. 23.6 million |

| 6: TikTok | Approx. 19.8 million |

"LINE" boasts overwhelming popularity in Japan. It has become a national social media platform, spreading explosively along with the proliferation of smartphones, and can be considered a "lifeline."

In fact, LINE offers various services related to daily life, such as:

- Sending and receiving goods through the gift feature

- Transferring money through the wallet feature

- Communication and information dissemination during emergencies

Therefore, if you can utilize LINE for marketing, you can deeply integrate your marketing efforts into the daily lives of users, leading to significant returns if successful. However, it is important to note that LINE's popularity is "limited to Japan."

As we will discuss later, Facebook, with its 3 billion active users worldwide, is on an entirely different scale. Considering LINE's 100 million users are only in Japan, other social media platforms should be utilized for global marketing.

**Ranking and Features of Global Social Media Platforms**

After covering the social media ranking in Japan, let's now look at the ranking of active social media users worldwide.

| SNS | Active Users |


| 1: Facebook | Approx. 2.958 billion |

| 2: YouTube | Approx. 2.514 billion |

| 3: WhatsApp | Approx. 2 billion |

| 3: Instagram | Approx. 2 billion |

| 5: TikTok | Approx. 1.56 billion |

| 6: WeChat | Approx. 1.34 billion |

| 7: Facebook Messenger | Approx. 931 million |

| 8: Douyin | Approx. 752 million |

| 9: Sina Weibo | Approx. 605 million |

| 10: QQ | Approx. 574 million |

While familiar platforms like Facebook and YouTube rank highly, there are also social media platforms like WhatsApp and WeChat that are not widely used in Japan. Below is a summary of each platform's overview and features from a marketing perspective.

1. **Facebook**

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, with nearly 3 billion active users. It is operated by the American company Meta Platforms, Inc., and is known as the original social media platform. Its precise ad targeting capabilities make it possible to effectively market to a vast number of active users.

2. **YouTube**

YouTube, with over 2 billion active users, is the world's largest video platform. It is widely known in Japan and is operated by Google. The recent rise in demand for short videos, similar to TikTok, is leading to the proliferation of marketing in the form of "short-duration, vertical videos." Video-based social media exerts a strong influence on users, contributing significantly to marketing efforts.

3. **WhatsApp**

WhatsApp is not very popular in Japan but has around 2 billion active users worldwide. It is operated by Meta Platforms, Inc., the same company as Facebook. It can be described as the "global version of LINE," functioning as a messaging app for chat and calls. Using "WhatsApp Business," similar to LINE's official accounts, companies can market directly to their customers.

3. **Instagram**

Instagram, also popular in Japan, has around 2 billion active users. Operated by Meta Platforms, Inc., the same company as Facebook and WhatsApp, Instagram focuses on photo and image content. Effective marketing involves providing attractive visual content, utilizing hashtags, stories, and influencer marketing.

5. **TikTok**

TikTok, a short video-focused social media platform, is popular in Japan and has around 1.56 billion active users. Operated by China's ByteDance, the key to marketing on TikTok is capturing interest through short videos. Trends and viral content often originate from TikTok, leading to significant returns when successful.

6. **WeChat**

WeChat, operated by China's Tencent, is a messaging-focused social media platform with around 1.34 billion active users. It can be considered the "Chinese version of LINE," and companies can market to Chinese users by creating official accounts.

7. **Facebook Messenger**

Facebook Messenger is a messaging-focused social media platform associated with Facebook, with around 1 billion active users. Its strength lies in the ability to market directly to customers using ads integrated with other Meta services like Facebook and Instagram.

8. **Douyin**

Douyin, known as the "Chinese version of TikTok," is operated by ByteDance and has around 752 million active users. The main difference between Douyin and TikTok is their target audience: Douyin is for the Chinese market, while TikTok is for international users, making Douyin suitable for marketing in China.

9. **Sina Weibo**

Sina Weibo, operated by Sina Corporation, is often referred to as the "Chinese version of X (formerly Twitter)." With around 605 million active users, Weibo now surpasses X in active users but focuses on marketing within China.

10. **QQ**

QQ is a messenger-type social media platform with around 574 million active users, operated by Tencent. QQ, preferred by younger users, offers features like "QQ Space," where users can create personal "rooms" to share content such as photos, appealing to younger demographics.


Social media is essential for modern marketing, and this trend is expected to continue. With globalization, domestic marketing has its limitations, making it necessary to implement global marketing through social media. Use the information provided in this article as a reference to leverage social media for global marketing.

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