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Global BtoB marketing support

It is said that what is common sense in Japan is common sense in the world, and digital marketing strategies and methods overseas are completely different from those in Japan. It is extremely difficult to collect the information necessary for business from scratch, such as cultural differences, business practices, information gathering methods, communication methods, payment methods, etc. At The Digital X, digital marketers who are active overseas will support your company's overseas challenges.

Do you have any of the following concerns specific to overseas markets?

・There is no information about the overseas market you want to enter.

・Local companies that are ahead of the curve are strong and entry into the market is slow.

・No connection with local agents

The Digital X's professional digital marketers with extensive experience in the global market will solve your company's challenges.

What we can do with global BtoC marketing support

Whether you are a company that is planning to expand overseas or have already expanded overseas, leave it to The Digital X, a group of global digital marketing specialists.

Market research

We will listen to your company's issues and services, and together we will establish goals, timelines, budget, etc. We look at each other as business partners.

strategy planning

In BtoB marketing through digital, the flow from site inflow to listing, lead nurturing, and customer conversion is completely different from that in Japan. Global digital marketers who understand the personas and customer journeys of target countries will provide your company with effective and profitable digital marketing strategies.

Measure implementation/reporting

It is possible to implement lead acquisition measures regardless of the channel, such as SEO, advertising operations, SNS operations (SNSs with high local shares), YouTube operations, etc. Each channel operation specialist will perfectly execute your company's digital marketing strategy and run the PDCA cycle.

Content creation by native speakers

The Digital X hires people regardless of nationality. We create web articles, video content, and creative content by foreign employees and partners based on a BtoB marketing perspective that fits the target country. A simple Japanese translation will not convey what you intended. They are not looking for anything other than content that is effective in the target country.

Project Management

We can also undertake project management for BtoB marketing projects that have already been launched. Our representative, Mr. Naraoka, has over 10 years of experience as a manager of overseas projects. Please feel free to contact us if you are a company that is only looking for a PM position.

The Digital X's overseas BtoB
Strengths in marketing

Specializing in Asia and the Pacific
Service delivery

We serve every country on earth! I won't say that. We only provide our services to countries where we have actually lived or where we have excellent marketers and proven track records. In order for people to truly feel the value, a service that simply needs to be translated into English is meaningless.

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Kazuya Naraoka

Kazuya Naraoka


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Mitsumasa Kadota

Mits Kadota

Global SEO Specialist


Azzurri Jamil

Azri Jamil

CTO Partner

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Jia Yu

Jia Yu

Digital Marketer

Team members with rich nationalities

At The Digital X, we have specialists from various nationalities and backgrounds. Even with the same "digital marketing," methods and values differ depending on the country. Even within our company, we are constantly discussing the optimal solution for our customers from various values. We provide our clients with ``flexible, cutting-edge digital marketing strategies'' rather than ``rigorous correct answers''.

[Countries where service is provided]


Flow of global BtoB digital marketing support


Subsequent improvements and proposal of measures

There is no measure that will be 100% successful from the beginning. There will always be improvements for the next time, so we will continue to operate the campaign to make it even better.


Proposing and confirming measures

Propose solutions to problems. We only propose measures that will definitely produce results in the target country, increasing the probability of business success.


Measure implementation/reporting

Promotions are carried out by staff who are knowledgeable about overseas digital marketing. We also provide reports on the reasons for measures and detailed information.


Subsequent improvements and proposal of measures

There is no measure that will be 100% successful from the beginning. There will always be improvements for the next time, so we will continue to operate the campaign to make it even better.

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