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The Digital X on the occasion of starting a business


The Digital X on the occasion of starting a business

Hello world :)

Nice to meet you, my name is Kazuya Naraoka and I am the representative director. I have decided to start a business based in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture from July 2020.


I am 37 years old and originally from Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture.

After graduating from high school, he went to a snowboarding school in Tokyo and worked as a salomon snowboard salesman for 3 years. However, he saw the decline of the leisure industry and decided that he should go into the growing industry, so he turned his attention to Internet advertising.


  • Country Manager of Repro (Japanese marketing SaaS company) in Thailand

  • CEO and Head of New Business at FreakOut Holdings (Japanese ad tech company) in Malaysia

  • General Manager of the App Advertising Office at Supership Corporation (KDDI-affiliated advertising company)

He has a total of 15 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, including sales, ad product planning and development, and marketing,

He has a wide range of knowledge and experience in sales, advertising product planning and development, business development, management, and other related areas.

And, I studied abroad from English 0 to a degree in language and marketing from 2016-2018.

After 6 months of studying English 13 hours a day and 2 years of college in Sydney, Australia, I learned and experienced for myself how hard it is to work and live in a different country and English that can be used without any difficulties in overseas business.

What is The Digital X?

The Digital X is a consulting firm that supports corporate digital marketing and digital transformation.

Digital marketing is already an indispensable part of corporate marketing activities, and The Digital X is taking on the challenges of local development and globalization through teleworking from Aomori, Japan. The name is simple, Digtal X. We are conscious of the sound of something, like DX, and the "The" means the only one.

What we can offer

  1. Consulting for all aspects of corporate digital marketing (domestic and overseas)

  2. Full-service support for digital marketing, from strategy design and target identification to campaign implementation, user acquisition, and user engagement

  3. Product management and overall project management of advertising tools and marketing services

  4. Digitalization and improvement of business operations using various tools and frameworks

  5. Support for overseas expansion of business through networking

What we want to accomplish

I am sure many of you have experienced remote work as a way to work without having to come to the office, fortunately or unfortunately, due to the impact of Corona. When I worked overseas, remote work was a prerequisite (I often participated in projects with members from other countries and regions at the same time), and I was also familiar with the flexible working style and results that come with it.

But at the same time, I realized, at one point, that this is especially true in companies in the digital industry,

I think we can work the same way whether we are in Thailand, Malaysia, or Aomori, and I think we can do just fine working in a way that does not involve physical mobility.

And. Of course, this may not be suitable for companies that place a strong emphasis on fostering company culture and bonding,

I want to be in control of where I work, when I work, and what I do, and I think the freedom that comes with that is the most important thing.

On starting a business

As of this writing, I have lived abroad for a total of four years, and I have the impression that the development of the Internet environment, equipment, and tools has considerably reduced the number of jobs that can be done only in Tokyo and other major metropolitan areas.

Under such circumstances, I believe that we can contribute to the local community by first creating a digital industry in the local area and then working to develop it.

In addition, as I had more opportunities to talk with business owners around me, I realized that there are many people who are not starting businesses based on the premise of procurement, but rather are steadily managing their businesses by generating sales and generating cash flow.

The Last man standing

Hearing these words, I felt that it is all about continuing to run the business and surviving in any situation.

First of all, I would like to make steady progress so that I can give back to those around me who have helped me by making solid figures, returning results to clients, and managing my business well.

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