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End of 1st term


End of 1st term

Thank you for your continued support. Today, June 30, is the last day of the first term of The Digital X (The Digital X).

Thanks to your support, we will be able to successfully complete our first term, and we are grateful to be able to celebrate this day, which was completely unimaginable a year ago today. I would like to thank all the stakeholders (clients, business partners, workers, family, friends, and other people who have helped us).

When I started my own business, I realized once again,

  • The necessity and difficulty of managing oneself

  • The importance of taking action immediately

  • To provide more than what is expected

  • Never compromise

  • Meeting deadlines

  • Taking care of my health (this is probably the most important thing)

I feel deeply that we must continue to do the very obvious things as if they were obvious.

I would like to continue to work hard during my second term so that I can greet next year's work safely.

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